Class Matters by Bill Keller

Class Matters by Bill Keller. This book from The New York Times is both depressing and distressing, but some parts are quite enlightening and deserve special attention. One of the key messages is that class is not just about money or power. It is more about intangible resources, mostly coming from within the family. This explains why simply giving money and scholarships to low-income students often doesn’t work, as statistics show these students frequently drop out of college early.

Teaching values, setting priorities, and establishing good habits are more important than just giving money. On a positive note, the number of people with high purchasing power has increased notably in recent years, creating new possibilities to satisfy the consumption desires of a financially healthy demographic.

Another book I reviewed, The WEIRDest people in the world by Joseph Henrich, also discusses privileged demographics. It explores how culture and education contribute to the economic prosperity of societies.

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