The Miracle of Self-discipline by Brian Tracy

The Miracle of Self-discipline by Brian Tracy (2010). This book focuses on advice on business, finances, family and relationships. This is not so much about techniques of self-discipline. But it presents several compelling reasons why you need to be focused in all aspects of your life.

Self-discipline is to know what you should do and when you should do, whether you like it or not. Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t like to do. This is the key to success. As a self-disciplined person you have a better self-image of yourself.

This book also teaches some strong techniques. ‘Time perspective’ –The higher is your socioeconomic status, the longer you look into the future. Other simple ideas: Daily goal settings, daily time management. Saving money gives you freedom to make decisions with a clear mind. Work hard. Learn more.

Just one word of caution: everything about dieting and fitness is outdated. Other than that, this book is superb.

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