The Tunnel by Ernesto Sabato

The Tunnel by Ernesto Sabato. During an exposition, a painter named Juan Pablo sees a woman (Maria) that seems interested in one of his paintings. They become acquainted and start seeing each other.

Soon at the start of their relationship, he realizes Maria is married. She invites him over to her country house which she often visits to visit her cousins. The romance turns into obsession and he becomes increasingly jealous and aggressive. Maria goes to her country house and Juan Pablo goes after her to kill her. Then Juan goes to see Maria’s husband to tell him Maria is dead and the husband informs Juan that Maria has several lovers including her cousin. At the end of the book the reader realizes this book has been written in the jail where Juan is thinking about his crime.

I like this short novel. It is simple and without too many unnecessary complications but at the same time is engaging and keeps the reader interested. Very recommended for a weekend reading.

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